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Ibrahim Malla is founder of

Ibrahim Malla is a Syrian-Italian professional photographer.
His passion for his country and for photography led him through several exhibitions in Damascus, Milan, Madrid, Paris, London, Geneva, China and Germany carrying a message of love.
- 2008 Damascus - Syrian National Museum "Pain and Hope" 
- 2009 Nairobi – Kenya during the general assembly of IFRC "The activities of Syrian Arab Red Crescent" 
- 2009 Milan (Solferino)  “Activity of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent”  
- 2009 Madrid  “Coexistence in Syria, Damascus capital of Arab culture, history of St. Paul”
- 2009 Paris  “ Damascus capital of Arab culture 2008, Coexistence in Damascus”
- 2010 London - Royal Geographical Society “Panoramas from Damascus”
- 2011 China (Kunming) Memories of Mankind VII organized by UNESCO and CFPA (China Folklore Photographic Association)
- 2012 Germany “Syrian Arab Red Crescent: on the side of Humanity” Tubingen – Stuttgart
- 2012 Milan - Palazzo Clerici “Syrian Arab Red Crescent: on the side of Humanity”
- 2013 Geneva - IFRC Secretariat "Humanitarian Crisis in Syria: the Red Cross Red Crescent response"
- 2013 Geneva - NEST Gallery "Syria: Land of ancient treasures and civilizations"

International prizes and awards:

- 2012 YouinTurkey International Photography Award - Istanbul Turkey 
- 2011 Documentary Award in the contest "Humanity Photo Award" organized by UNESCO and CFPA (China Folklore Photographic Association) 
- 2010 Awarded second prize in the contest “Social inclusion”
  organized by the Centre for the Co-operation in the Mediterranean (Barcelona)
- 2008 Awarded first prize in the contest “drugs and effect on the family”
  at the UN Commission in Thailand 
- 2007 Second prize in the contest “Speak with your heart”
  organized  by UNFPA in New York city.  
- 2007 First prize “the best humanitarian photo of 2007”
  International Red Cross meeting in Greece.
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